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    Horseback Riding Lessons

    We feature instructors in multiple disciplines and can accommodate the novice rider all the way to the advanced show star.  We feature private and semi-private (max. of four participants for semi-private lessons).  All lessons are fifty minutes in length.

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    $60/hour per person
    Trail & Canal Rides

    With lush, shady acreage along the beautiful canals of South Florida, Joey’s Ranch is proud to offer trail and canal rides for families and small groups by appointment. We feature horses for all skill levels, and cater the ride to the skill levels of each individual group.

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    Horse Boarding Stables

    Our beautiful stables are ready for horses to stay! Your horse will receive the best food and medical treatment by our professional staff and equine veterinarian during their stay. Call us to take a tour of our place and to discuss the quality of care your horse deserves!

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    Horse Breaking

    Gaining a horse's loyalty greatly depends on the type of training or breaking that it receives. Horses that are broken to follow their leader due to respect are much more enjoyable than those that follow out of fear. Our expert trainer will treat your horse with respect and kindness.

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